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Ever thought of including a residential elevator into the planning and
development of the multi-level homes you are designing and building?

There are several benefits of including a residential elevator as part of your overall business proposition.

Growing and aging homeowner market......
  •        1 in 5 people are forecasted over the age of 65 by 2030
  •        Older affluent households should more than double to over 8 million by 2010
  •        83% of home owners aged 45+ want to stay in their current residence as long as possible

Higher home value, larger profit for developer and homeowner......
  •        Building up with multi-level homes on smaller lots or estate building
  •        Modern accessibility to multiple floors
  •        Symbolic of status and prestige
  •        Adds elegance and value to every level
  •        Provides significant home resale marketing advantages

A Residential Elevator......
  •        Provides mobility for aging in place
  •        Lasts the life of the home
  •        Efficient use of space
  •        Convenient and sophisticated design solution
  •        Allows greater flexibility in floor plans
  •        Surprisingly affordable

Please call us to explore the possibilities of including a residential elevator in your next home building project.